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10 November 2015
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9 December 2015

Reds10 sponsor Paralympics dream

We can all imagine the commitment, hard work and sleepless nights, which must come with training to become the world’s best in a specific sporting discipline. Now imagine what it must take to do so in the Paralympic Games.

Held directly after the respective Winter or Summer Olympic games since 1988, the Paralympics are a major sporting event, involving athletes with a range of physical disabilities from impaired muscle power and impaired passive range of movement to limb deficiency, vision impairment and more. Over the years, the Paralympics has grown from a small gathering of British WWII veterans in 1948 to become one of the largest international sporting events today.

So it’s with great pride, that we see one of our own begin the journey towards his dream of taking part in the Paralympics in the coming years. Previously one of our Site Managers, James leaves us to focus on his (other) passion: snowboarding. In order to qualify for the Paralympic games, James (who has enjoyed a number of successes through his sporting career), will need to take part in a series of eight IPC Snowboarding World Cups across the Netherlands, the US, Canada, Italy, Spain and France.

In order to make his journey a little easier, Reds10 have committed to becoming the major sponsor in James’ fight to the top, hopefully enabling him to focus fully on training, using state-of-the-art equipment across the board (no pun intended!).

We wish James all the best in his journey and look forward to seeing news of his future success!

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